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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Daily Motivator 5/28

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Stories you tell yourself

What stories are you telling yourself about yourself? Are they stories of curiosity, courage, action and achievement, or stories of victimization and self pity?

Many things about you are true because you tell yourself they are true. Many aspects of the way you live and act, think and view the world can change by simply changing the stories you tell yourself about yourself.

You deserve a life that is full and rich. Envision the story of that life, and start repeating it to yourself.

The way you respond to life is a function of the way you see yourself responding to life. The way you move through each day is deeply affected by the way you imagine yourself doing so.

Think of the stories you’re telling yourself about your work, your relationships, your priorities, your challenges and your day. Look for opportunities to make those stories more positive and empowering.

You can tell yourself whatever stories you choose. Choose to tell yourself stories that point you toward the best life you can experience.

— Ralph Marston

It is time if you have not already begin to speak to yourself. In scriptures it talks about building your own self up in your faith.  It also says do not think more highly of yourself than you ought. Another words you should have high thoughts of self, not arrogant, but healthy  thoughts. You and I cannot depend on others to make us feel good about ourselves. We cannot depend on positions etc do make us feel good about ourselves. It is written the tongue has the power to create or destroy.  Speak  to yourself creatively, with words of life not destruction. .

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