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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Prepare for take off

Dear Women,
Do you find yourself still with a dream in you after years. Do you still think ,day dream about what ifs? If you could do anything where would you want to be right now if everything could be worked out at ?  The point I am making we as women have our own dreams, desires and   to be encouraged all is possible with hard work determination and  focus.
This is not as how to site but a motivational, inspirational,personal development site.Also tips and help in getting going on your career or change of careers.

This I had written this year in January, 2014
 If you could see Into my heart with eyes of light  Not tainted by prejudices You would see a heart Full of love Full of lfe Yet is with scars If you could see You would not be quick to judge me I am not like a lot of people Perfect, always excellent I do make mistakes If you could see I may not be what many would want I do have a place For those who take time to see I am no beauty queen I do have a beautiful heart I may not communicate as someone with a bachelor degree I do communicate in truth If you could see You would give me a chance As you took time to know me You will find I am not that bad If you could see I am just me I do not pretend to be anyone else I was born as I am So I am is what I will be If you could see.

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