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2013-2014 Traveling- seeking to be a Flight Attendant

It is never easy to make a true dream a reality, it is hard work,costly, time and comes with many disappointments.It is also a process of personal growth, and learning.One also must be a tad nuts but in a good way.You have to have a sense of humor and great flexibility, and patience.

To seek a position as a Flight Attendant always know what you are in for, and know about the companies you apply to. Know yourself, your assets,skills,and abilities. you will get discouraged, but know it is very hard  to be hired on.

I am  sensitive,and passionate. I do not put all my eggs in one basket , one airline.
I do put  a 110 percent into doing what I love.Yes I do have my favorite Airlines.

I began applying in year 2013 online to my favorite airlines and those who were  hiring. I have done  including this year three video interviews, 2 phone interviews including this year. One I am awaiting on this year for next step I hope. I have driven out of state to a OH Open house, flown and have been flown to a Open session and to two interview sessions.

My first time ever interviewing for the Flight Attendant position was in 96 or 98, and it was with Continental Airlines in CLE. I had two friends at church who were Flight Attendants. Now this has humor to it but at time was not funny.

I had just found out by one about the interview in about 3-4 days. I asked did I need a resume and  I shared I do not even know how to do one
First mislead- NO she said  do not worry not everyone has one  nor is it needed. ( The peopple  were there 50 al had resumes and recommendation letters
Second mislead as my weight I knew was not in porpotion to my height. Both of my FA friends said oh no they do not check weight. ( Mind you both were beautiful one looked like a model. At the session we were told what to expect, and  if they were interested your height  weight yes would be checked .)
I was thinking in my head I am going to kill my two friends LOL.
I stayed for the experience and to see how far I would get.

When it came for 1 on 1 interviews there were four interviewers at each corner like we were in a  box, and we could move to a section with whom we wanted to interview with. Well I moved and decided to sit front row, what could possibnly go wrong I thought. The one I d be interviewing with  also had a Pilot with her, chubby, real chubby. I thought interesting FAs has to watcvh weight but Pilots do not ahem.

Well when I was ready decided to go up after the one  a head of me and  I slipped on the floor right in front of interviewers desk in a suit skirt suit. OMYG  I could hear my thoughts yelling  omyg do not panic show composure and yet your dead done casput!. I smile and she was so so so sweet and kind offered her hand as she was so quick to get to me. I was so embarrased
 Next thing to go wrong Brain decided to go poof  . My interviewer was so gracious. I did get sdone and to make them remember me I decided since I am already way dead and buried Id share a joke.
SHe busted out in laughter it was a riot. But I made her laugh and the other interviewer laugh.
I DO NOT SUGGEST THIS. BIG NO. . Have a sense of humor but be professional. Some interviews are more laid back  most are more professional and conservative. Know the airline well when interviewing,

In Denver for a Interview session. Became friends with somone who also went.
We shared breakfast in the Hotel. She did get hired, however during first week training was released as she  forgot to disclose something, Nothing illegal but it was  something important but  did not disclose it. Ask questions if you need to.

The Airports are sometimes an adventure in themselves. Because of budget  I ended up sleeping over night in the Airport after walking her to her gate and sitting with her. I decided Id do what it takes  to get hired. I went home in tears, and  focused out the window most of my flight home.

I thought I did this interview great, my mistake I did not look in the eyes of each interviewer in our small group which had a panel of three. I was a nervous  saying or looking at the one as  she looked to me stoic. Big mistake always always look at each interviewer and smile.

CLT Interview-
They flew me stanby got in 0000, or 12 midnight. Got to hotel 1am. Interview 830 to begin. My hotel package did not inform me of an extra charrge. The hotel manager was not very friendly seemed like he had a bad day. I had to pay extra which was  the amount of money for food on the way home. so no dinner no food next day till I got home 1 am.
I finaly got  to bed 230am layed in bed till 4am excited. Got up showered and went . I do not suggest staying up all night if possible, and if possible  bring some food if possible in case. There is a lot of challeneges. I was so so tired did not follow instructions filling out paper work then asked for new paper work NO    I was only one with  large suitcase for one night. Over packed LOL. I had to carry it up  a huge flight of stairs too. It was a wonderful day.  They did a presentation  40 -45 minutes maybe  55 but no more. Then told us they would have each of us do 2 interviews 1 on 1  well mine was at 315 opm afternoon 415-430.  They the recruiters had lunch break, and for us nothing except  soda machines. One candidate  went got food for   from employees  being trained.  The rest of us elected no. LOL

My Video  again last year 2014.  for  a major carrier which I got the dreaded TBNT
Thanks but no thanks. After interviewing you know when you get email from the airline and it begins with We thank  you   your done.

My mistakes on this one

Talked way too much
Used to much hand gestures
Forgot several times to look in Cam
This equals TBNT

I have been told why do I do this, why not quit, your  not the  look image  the  airline wants look at how other FAs look your bnot  beautiful enough,  to much against you, and   and not   right size although I do fit on the jump seats.
I had almost but for some reason  my heart will not let go.... So we will see.

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