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2014 Failure is not Finale

2014  Failure is not Finale
  1. My First time in Flight Attendant Training
First I want to address today I still do seek to fulfill my dream.. I have spent 2 years in full dedication, sacrifices personally, and bearing the cost in several ways. Seeking a dream takes courage, time, trial,err,learning,brokenness,costs, however few get to truly live their dream.
Although  this time in 2014 I did not earn my wings, the experience has better prepared me for another opportunity.I did much right , however failed a retake a week before finales.

This was very devastating, and it was a long flight and night home..I cried for days, thinking how  or what I could have done to pass. After feeling sorry for myself. I got up. Decided ok what will I do quit, or learn and  keep seeking  the opportunity again? 

Lesson 1- Sometimes to fulfill your dream your character will be tested
Lesson 2- In the journey  to your dream you will have tastes of fulfillment\
Lesson 3 Sometimes failures are just delays...

It was  good I  was a comfort for a fellow student as individual had serious family situation. However time I took just being with them, I could have invested in much needed rest and more study. I and  the person could not do anything at this time about it. At time I wanted to be a good friend and  to me at time and even now I was glad I choose to be there.  Sometimes people come first before a dream.

Sometimes failures happen to delay you and reset you with the right company,people,path.

Not long after I found out  soon those of my class in about 12-18 months will face layoffs due to the decline of aircraft,sales,and growth of the company. Also  if I had graduated and  then to get played aff 1-2 yrs later I would then be homeless as mom would have had to have moved. I would have relocated.

The airline industry is very fluid, and you need to be flexible, and expect the unexpected. I knew the company I applied with was very iffy financially and were declining while hiring.
I wanted to get on aboard any ways thinking maybe things would change. and it would help me prepare  down the road to try for one of the major carriers
Next time I will not fail as I will better know what the intensity will be like and better   know how to study and   will ask questions this time.

I have made myself familiar with airport codes, the 24 hour clock,airline lingo so I prepare where I can.

Airlines hire  looking for those they believe can pass training. It costs Airlines thousands of dollars to train each individual. So I am taking a risk here as not sure what they would think. However I am sure people have failed returned and passed. It is very intense, structured, they are strict and one must always be in compliance. You are constantly  being watched and never can have a bad day  tired,not feeling good or not. On probation you  will get fired if you display  a wrong attitude or mood to a Passenger, customer, or and even co worker, and manager. Every year and through the year Flight Attendants are always being watched, evaluated. They have check rides, by the company and also by FAA.  At least I have a taste and know   what I am in for a s a Flight Attendant one day. It can be fun, but it is work. Not for everyone.

2. Writing Books

In 2014 I tried to get  two books published, and failed. However I decided why not self publish, in which I have more control. I also was able to self publish a Calendar, and  a planner.
 2010-2014 I had been writing, newsletters for a community which I ran,blogs etc. I then decided I needed to try   to make some income besides my shops. So decided to self publish. I have had some success in sales but not there just yet 

It takes time, lots of time
It can be discouraging, but do I believe in what I am doing, and am I doing it for right reasons?

Failure is not finale till I quit.
In order to fulfill my dream despite obsticles, I think and  am motivated by my desire to be a motivator and inspire others to.

3. Past failures does not mean Future failure

Interviews and rejections are  part of the experience of seeking a career and dream, Knock and keep knocking the door will open.  I believe my yesterday does not have to be my today. 

Past rejections does not mean every recruiter and every person etc will reject me.

I believe there is the right culture I am a fit for and  they are a fit for me.

Never give up if you cannot stop thinking of your dream.

Have a good sense of humor, do not take yourself to seriously, and learn to laugh, Laughter is good medicine for the soul.

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