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Developing your Dreams

Developing Your Dream

Having a dream in your heart, is much like pregnancy. A dream is a vision in your heart planted in there like a seed. Before you birth a dream, it must grow in you so much so you want it so bad that you are willing to labor for it for hours, or years. Sometimes it just begins with desire, and then grows to a dream, where everything you do, you are always conscious about it. You feel it, see it. Your desire becomes a passion to birth it. Hacving a dream is emotional,and to labor and bring it fort takes time, and is costly. It will change you, and your life. A wise saying from the scriptures says to us Ecclesiastes 5:3 says, "For a dream comes with much business
and painful effort.…" This is why many people abort their
 dreams before they reach full-term. We must be expecting, live in expectation. We also must watch our attitudes. As they effect our emotions. Attitude is everything in living healthy, and everything in success. Lets face it the truth is that too many aren
’t ready for
our dreams to come true today . We need to grow, expand, power up and grow  braver in order to hold and emanate the large amount of energy required to live our dreams. Some also need to heal, and be set free of egos. A haughty (  pridefilled,ego) spirit comes before a great fall. To me somethings I have learned in fulfilling your dreams are:

Know yourself

Know your purpose

Always be learning

Posses great work ethics

Be disciplined

Know when to speak, and when to shut up - There is a time to share, and be careful whom you share with.

Seek balance in all you do.

Excercise- live healthy.

A quote by Henry Ford I love;

Whether you believe you can or can’t: you are right.
- Henry Ford

A short segment from a writing from Kathy Carpino ..5 Criticle Steps in fulfilling your big dreams...


Identify the “essence” of what you want, then find the right “form” of it

So many people today are desperately unhappy in their current situations, and fantasize
intensively about one new direction thinking it will be the panacea, but haven’t explored this direction enough to know if it’s really right for them.

 We’ve all fallen
 victim to the
“grass is always greener on the other side” myth, but until we step over the fence to “try it on” we just can’t know.
 Before you leap,
research, research, research
 what this new direction means and entails, and what it will give you (and the sacrifices it will demand of you) to pursue it.
The key is to find the right “form” of the dream so that when you
achieve it, it brings to your life what you hope for."

This is so true. Say for example " I dream of being an airline Pilot" However, one problem you are afraid of flying, and heights. Then maybe look to another form, or area in aviation may be a wiser choice .Here is another, I dream of being a Surgeon, but you cannot stand the sight of  blood. Mybe look into another area in the medical field. These also show us thedifference in having a realistic dream, or fantasy.

 We also must understand we all have a purpose for being here. We are here not just to take space. Think we are born with a mind so we can think, and create,we are born with hands, and feet to do, and serve, help. We are all good at something, and we each have gifts, and talents. We are responsible to know ourselves, and talents, gifts, and then to do something wit them.

My name Aurora-Dawn means light bringer,through understanding just my own name,I am inspired to be an inspiration and to serve, and use my gifts  where I can. If you are a person who naturall attracts others, and others just seem to always follow you, you are a natural leader. Take time to observe who, and what is going on around you. Pay attention to what you find yourself love doing

Four steps that can improve how you live

Follow the trail:

If you or anyone else has told you that something isn’t possible
and you believed it you are selling yourself short. Just because someone is older
than you doesn’t mean they have a better
 mind than you. If you are looking to be happy, then go talk to people who are happy. Go to those people who have great qualities and who you admire. Ask them how they got that way and how they developed that trait. Read books about people who have qualities you want. No
one’s perfect, but you can model individual qualities after people. Successful  people don’t happen by accident.

No more excuses or complaints:
 You have to be willing to put in the work to get
what you want. Let’s call a spade a spade. This
has nothing do with anyone else.  No more excuses or complaints. Every time you catch yourself complaining or making excuses for anything stop yourself. Now take a breath and put that energy into resolving the situation. Babies are allowed to complain, grown men and women can do something about it. This is one change that will have a significant impact on your life and is one of the easiest to change. You might be surprised by how much you do this once you start watching for it.

Fire up the theatre in your mind:
 What should be the easiest exercise for us is
actually one of the most difficult. “What do you mean you want me to dream about what I want? I don’t know what I want!!” You have to take time and look
internally. Develop a vision of it that excites you in your mind. Take a pen and  paper out and draw it out. Find out why you want that life and what it would do for you. How it would make you feel? Re-visit this each morning you wake up and every night before you go to sleep. The more you develop it, the larger the impact
it will have. Don’t believe me? Try it daily for two weeks and tell me you haven’t
seen a difference in your life.

Get real:

If you are looking for a magic pill, it doesn’t exist. That is true as a
metaphor and in reality. Medications have some benefit and I am not discounting their uses. But, as an example, most of the antidepressants prescribed today are to
make people feel better about the fact that they hate their lives. There’s no alternative to you putting in the work! We can’t live yo
ur lives for you. Medication is a tool, not a solution. Remember who you are, where you came from, and what
you’ve always wanted, not what you are willing to settle for.

Further reading on the self-image: The book is called The New Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz and Dan Kennedy. It is an intimidating name for a great book and it is an easier read than the name suggests. I highly recommend it.

 The four points are taken from
The book is called The New Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz and Dan Kennedy.
Your Dream must be watered with action. Does your dream require more schooling, or training? Does it require some experience in a certain area? What are you now doing in regards to the next steps. I must also talk to myself too on these things, and tis one more specifically.

We must develope a success conscious, or way of thinking, and attitude. We must develop the "Can do Attitude". No excuses. We also must develop patience, yes sometimes great patience. Refuse the I give up cause it is just to hard syndrom.

Be persistenant. Put baundries around you from negative people, and thinking.

Always be flexible along the way.

Listen to wise council. Listen, do not begin thinking of what your going to say next. Yes, I have done that many times. Mom used to call me motor mouth since I so loved talking all the time.
Obstacles in life are the stumbling blocks to one's success and one's dream. They block your way to stardom. Whatever you do, the dream will shatter and success will vanish into thin air. Life can't function well if there is a hindrance along the way. Most people say that there is a panacea about the obstacles. There is a counter attack of the influx affecting the general public and environment. But not all can be stopped due to strategies and remedies; as a matter of fact, life is like a wheel, sometimes we're up, sometimes we're down.
 People who failed badly before success-

Will Smith’s life got flip turned upside down when
he owed the IRS $2.8 million in taxes in 1989.

2. Vincent van Gogh only sold ONE painting out of 900 in his life,
 Red Vineyard at Arles

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