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Heart of Aurora

Heart of Aurora

If you could see

My longing to be understood
If you could see
Into my heart with eyes of light
Not tainted by predujuices
You would see a heart
Full of love
Full of lfe
Yet is with scars

If you could see
You would not be quick to judge me
I am not like a lot of people
Perfect,always excellent
I do make mistakes

If you could see
I may not be what many would want
I do have a place
For those who take time to see

I am no beauty queen
I do have a beautiful heart
I may not communicate
as someone with a bachelor degree
I do communicate in truth

If you could see
You would give me a chance
As you took time to know me
You will find
I am not that bad

If you could see
I am just me
I do not pretend to be anyone else
I was born as I am
So I am is what I will be

If you could see.


On the wings of the wind
My heart longs to soar
High above the ocean
Let my spirit soar

To spread my wings
Flying free
Above the ground
New experiences
New life
Let my spirit soar

I long for the day
To earn those wings
To take off, and not look back
I am born to soar
Source: I took a birthday trip, the Flight Attendants I admire


We all need dreams
If we do not dream we do nothing
Dream big
Dream the impossible
Dream and see what happens
Work hard, and do your part
Do not give up
Dream and keep on dreaming
There is a Dream for you

Dreams really do happen

Even though I failed Flight Attendant training- I almost earned my wings. How many can say they got to even go to Flight Attendant training. It is still my heart, but will never forget this.

My life is a testimony
That dreams do come true

Not in our time
But the right time

Not just by wishing,
But working hard

Life will bring the right people
At the right time

God will grant you favor with
the right people in right time

Dreams do really come true
Often they first must die, and be resurrected

Dreams will require sacrifices
They will require you leave your comfort zone

The pathway to fulfilled dream
is a roller coaster of a ride

It will inlude people
who have the courage to be brutally honest with you
These are the ones to listen to and do not ignore

It will include failures, detours...
In time you will arrive at your destination.

Dreans require belief - All things are possible

I have not yet attained my dream
But have the oppotunity to fulfill my dream
This will be the hardest time for me
Yet it will be the best time
Either way I will not be the same

Dreams often are not fulfilled alone
So I never forget I had much help
Yet there comes a time
When one has to fly it alone and see if you truly have what it takes to soar
This no one can do for me

Never stop believing in your dreams
Never stop believing God hears
Never stop believing in possibilities

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